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Dear Visitor,

First of all, we would like to welcome you to the official Web Page of Mr. Theodore V. Tsiriggakis, the inventor and manufacturer of Gearless Differential in 1981. My name is Vasilis T. Tsiriggakis and I am speaking on behalf of Mr. Theodore V. Tsiriggakis, who is my father.

In the beginning of the eighties Mr. Theodore V. Tsiriggakis has patented Gearless Differential, a Differential based on a completely new concept, in many countries all over the world. However, nowadays Mr. Theodore V. Tsiriggakis and Mr. Vasilis T. Tsiriggakis have come up with a new patent application on a new Differential Mechanism. This patent application is a result of allmost two decades of research on innovative ways of transmitting motion together with Dr. Christopher G. Provatidis, Associate Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineers at the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA).

The new Tsiriggakis Differential is a mechanism which is already known by the NTUA since December 1987. It has been applied for a patent on Friday 17th September 2004 and the first article about it has been published in April 2005

In this web site we introduce Mr. Tsiriggakis' kinematical theories to the visitors, we present how does Gearless Differential work and the advantages against the conventional differential. Moreover we publish information on our new forthcoming patent. But the most interesting are the numerous applications of Tsiriggakis' kinematical theories!

Our aim is to make known Tsiriggakis' kinematical theories to as much universities and companies around the world as possible via our academic web site. We are willing to support every company and university in order to conduct research on this technology and construct mechanisms based on this philosophy.

The Gearless Differential technology belongs to humanity, so please RESPECT the origin and the name of my father's technology by rendering the appropriate honours.

Theodore V. Tsiriggakis
Vasilis T. Tsiriggakis
Thank you for visiting us.







Background: One pair Of Planets Of Tsiriggakis' Differential.

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