1. Antigravity Mechanism

2. Propeller (Helix)

1. Gravity Research Mechanism (GRM) - Antigravity Mechanism

The result of an intensive special research that Mr. Tsiriggakis has been conducting since 1983 is the ongoing construction of a mechanism. This mechanism is equipped with special sensors and brings us very close to the study of gravity in gravitational field. When this mechanism is in operation at capacity its weight is reduced. Therefore, we have a new principle of kinematics theory in physics - principle of Antigravity Mechanism.

GRM was presented in the 46th conference of American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, in 29th July, 2010 at Tennessee, USA.

The information presented in the conference is only the initial step of GRM’s further development. Apart from GRM’s contribution to aerospace technology, it may also contribute to the sector of “Green Energy”.  

The inventor maintains the original device in a safe place and is at the disposal of scientific community to provide with all the necessary information for the full implementation of his invention.

However, much more information is going to be published very soon.



Video Files: Please click on either of the three pictures below to watch the respective video \ animation illustrating the Antigravity Mechanism.


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Apart from the head of research, Mr. Theodore Tsiriggakis, the following scientists contributed to the completion of the mechanism

  1. Mr. Tsiriggakis Vasileios, Telecommunications engineer with a business administration background.
  2. MKB, the figures and further research has been conducted in the R&D facilities of MKB company of west Germany. Personally, the president of the company has closely supervised and contributed to the research.
  3. Mr. Nikolaou Ioannis, pilot of civil aviation with marketing and management background.
  4. Mr. Margaritopoulos Petros. As an Electronic engineer with a background in physics and mathematics, he constructed the electronic components of the mechanism.

We believe that this new mechanism - concept is a major step in technology since new horizons are opened for the humanity. We hope that humanity will use this mechanism for peaceful targets.

Below there are some photographs of the mechanism, by clicking on each of them, a more enlightening figure will appear.




2. Propeller (helix)

(Introduction, File Library)

The propeller (helix) ideal to be applied to submarines, helicopters and aeolian generators will be gradually revealed. More information will be published in the near future.

File Library (videos & animations, photos)

In this section of our Web Page there are photographs, videos and animations that illustrate the operation of Tsiriggakis propeller (helix).

Video Library

However, from the table below three video clips and one animation can be downloaded. (for the animation recommended resolution: 1024x768)


clip 01
clip 02
clip 03
animation 01


Photo Library

Below there are some photographs of Tsiriggakis' Propeller - Helix, by clicking on each of them, a more enlightening figure will appear.



Background: Tsiriggakis' Propeller - Helix.

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