1. Patents concerning The new Tsiriggakis Differential Mechanism


The Patent Application that took place on Friday 17th September 2004 in the Hellenic Patent Office has the number: GR/20040100369.

The filed material (priority document) can be downloaded by clicking on the button .


International Publication Number: WO/2006/030247 A1, visit World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)

The international patent application concerning the new Tsiriggakis Differential is available for downloading from our Web Site, in PDF (0,794MB) and in HTML format. To access just click on the respective button ,.

However, these documents are also provided by WIPO's official web site. In order to access all of the availlable documentation concerning the new International Patent Application of Mr. Theodore Tsiriggakis and his team, either click here or visit manually WIPO's search engine: http://www.wipo.int/pctdb/en/search-adv.jsp. Then, you should search for the International Publication Number (IPN): WO/2006/030247. Finally, the result shown in the figure below will appear.

By clicking on the resulted link, access to the documentation will be gained.


2. Patents concerning Gearless Differential

During the eighties Mr. Tsiriggakis achieved to register many patents concerning Gearless Differential all over the world, below there are some of them.


European Patent Number: 0066122, visit European Patent Office Web Site.

Tsiriggakis' European Patent is available for downloading from our Web Site, in a pdf file (0,909MB).


American Patent Number: 4,509,388, visit American Patent Office Web Site

Tsiriggakis' American Patent is available for downloading from our Web Site, in a pdf file (0,632MB). We inform you that the pdf file contains the exact 12 pages that are published by the American Patent Office (USPTO). Alternatively, if you wish to access the American Patent Of Theodore Tsiriggakis directly from USPTO then visit the page http://www.uspto.gov/patft/index.html, afterwards click on the link patent number search. Finally give the patent number: 4,509,388.

3 Canadian Patent Number: 1195144, visit Canadian Intellectual Property Office Web Site
4 Japanese Patent Number: 1612048, visit Japanese Patent Office Web Site
5 Korean Patent Number: 26451, visit Korean Intellectual Property Office Web Site
6 Spanish Patent Number: 512.403, visit Spanish Patent Office Web Site
7 Argentinean Patent Number: 228.492
8 Brazilian Patent Number: 8202966, visit Brazilian Patent Office Web Site
9 Australian Patent Number: 548573, visit Australian Patent Office Web Site








Background: Cover of Tsiriggakis' American Patent.

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