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Mr. Tsiriggakis' Contribution in Medicine Research

Apart from the field of transmission of motion Mr. Theodore Tsiriggakis has drastically contributed with his knowledge and experience to a research program in medicine to finish. His contribution involved the construction of a micro mechanism currently used by heart surgeons all over the world.

In 1985 Mr. Theodore Tsiriggakis was asked by the very well known cardiologists Dr. Moulopoulos Spiros and Dr. Sideris to construct a prototype of an implant micro mechanism that would be used to automatically regulate the arterial blood pressure to patients that suffer from hyperpiesis – hypertension.

After a period of intensive research and work, Mr. Theodore Tsiriggakis together with Dr. Moulopoulos Spiros and Dr. Sideris have successfully constructed this prototype micro mechanism aiming to be used as an implant.

On 24 of May 1985 Dr. Moulopoulos Spiros has certified the vital contribution of Mr. Theodore Tsiriggakis for the research program to be conducted.

By clicking on the picture below, a more enlightening copy of the certification - award will appear.


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