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Table explaining the contents of each main section of the page

In the History section there is information regarding the most important events and those events that inspired Mr Tsiriggakis in his research in the field of transmission of motion.

Tsiriggakis’ Research and Concept, this is the scientific section of our web page. In this section we analyse not only Tsiriggakis’ kinematical theory but also the applications of this theory. Moreover, we publish information concerning the latest research that we have conducted. (the controllable differential)

In the Education section, we are publishing information - special knowledge to the visitor that is necessary to understand the mechanisms that we present.

In the Medicine section, information concerning the contribution of Mr Theodore V. Tsiriggakis to a research program in medicine is published.

In the Publications section the visitor will be informed about the influence that Tsiriggakis’ Technology have had and has to the press.
In the Patents section you will find information about the patents of Tsiriggakis’ Gearless Differential.
In the File Library section some photos and a three minutes video of Gearless Differential are available for download.
In the Activities - Events section we inform our visitors about our most interesting activities and news.
In the Contact Us section we give to our visitors a way to contact us.
In the About This Web Page section we publish general information about our web page. Due to the fact that we have a lot of available information for publication, we update our page frequently.





Background: Grand Prix Cup of Technology, awarded to Mr. Tsiriggakis - Since 2003