Continuously Variable Transmission Gearbox

Apart from differentials, for many years the research team consisting of Mr. Theodore V. Tsiriggakis and Mr. Vasileios T. Tsiriggakis conducts research regarding the engagement between the pulleys of Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) gearboxes.

We are very close in succeeding to construct a CVT Gearbox able to transmit high torques, by achieving engagement between the pulleys and the belt.

We have perceived, but not patented yet, a way to continuously and harmonically engage pulleys giving them the ability to transmit high torques.

Until nowadays there wasn't any CVT gearbox able to transmit high torques. Since we have not filed any patent application concerning our research in the field of CVT gearboxes yet, we cannot publish more details.




Background: Tsiriggakis' Gearless Gearbox. - Since 2003